Ubuntu Edge + Chromecast Might be a Game Changer

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If you are able to use an Ubuntu Edge phone with a Chromecast, it might be a game changer (then again, it might not). For one thing, you wouldn’t need any clunky peripherals like the Motorolla Atrix, which flopped. But if done well, I would love to have one. To have access to 128G of data without a network connection would be great. I could work on things while out and about. All I would need is a bluetooth mouse & keyboard (and there are some stowaway keyboards available).

Then, if you’re at a hotel or something, you could just plug in the Chromecast, set it to cast the whole desktop, and away you go. You can do presentations on any screen with an HDMI port, work on spreadsheets or play games, vpn in to your work PC, or ssh to a server you have out in the cloud.

You could do anything you can from home – anywhere. Not just the “apps” that are packaged for phones dumbed down so you can’t get real work done. You would have the full thing. It’s what I’ve been asking for since before the iPhone came out. Back then, I had owned several palm pilots and a couple Handspring Visors and even a Blackberry. What I really wanted was a Linux machine in my pocket that I could use anywhere and it still had all my working data on it.

Maybe my dreams will come true. Maybe I’ll have to build it myself.

My biggest problem with the Ubuntu Edge is they’re going for gold in the specs. I don’t really need it to be that powerful (or expensive). It would be a laptop replacement, but not a server replacement.

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