Dell EqualLogic Roadshow

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I went to the Dell EqualLogic User Group and Roadshow in Dallas yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it. Three things really jumped out at me.

  1. Most guys there were Windows admins / most companies were Windows shops. Only one other guy was running Linux.
  2. These (Windows) guys aren’t running all the software. EqualLogic comes with all the software. You don’t have to pay for CIFS or NFS or snapshots or replication or the host integration tools or monitoring separately. It’s all included.
  3. The plugin for vmware is really cool. Licensed versions of vmware (not the free hypervisors) can run the EqualLogic Storage Manager plugin and VM.  This is new to me, but I really like it.

Note: I have not received anything from Dell, nor have they paid me in any way to write this. This is my own opinion. I just really like EqualLogic SANs. My favorite part is that the software is all inclusive. They don’t nickle and dime you for everything.

Note2: CIFS & NFS come on the FS series NAS, not the SAN. I thought that would be self explanatory, but maybe not. The NAS uses the SAN for storage, though.

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