My Feminine Side…

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So there I was… sitting at my desk, working, when I got a man-hug.

Stunned, I turned around and Matt K. (yes, there are 3 Matts in my group at work) said, “It worked. Thanks.”

I had helped him fix the problem with the dual-monitor setup on his newly reinstalled Ubuntu 10.10 system.

“You’re welcome,” I said, “But it didn’t work for me… ever,” referring to the hug.

Matt B. chimed in, “What just happened?”

K said, “Matt apparently doesn’t like hugs.”

“Are you sure of that or did he just not expect a man-hug while sitting at his desk?” B said incredulously.

“I guess he doesn’t have much of a feminine side.” said K.

To which I retorted, “Yes, I do. Her name is Rachel.”

“You know, one time, I hugged Rachel’s cousin’s husband — just to freak him out. To this day, he won’t come near me. It was pretty awesome.”

And we all laughed.

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