Goals 2011

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Well here are my goals for 2011. Just like last year, they’re supposed to be more than I can do in addition to my full time job as a Unix and Linux systems administrator, part time job at the church, taking care of my chronically ill wife, and everything else. They’re purposefully hard and I don’t see how it’s possible to do all of them.

Matt’s Goals for 2011:

  • Start a business
    • make $1000 in the first 6 months
    • make $1000 per month in 1 year
  • Have a baby — or adopt one
  • Move closer to work (<30 minute commute)
    • Build a Greenhouse
  • Play PSP games
  • Finish reading the Bible Chronologically
  • Pay off Rachel’s Student Loan
  • Pay down the car loan by 50%
  • Look Good shirtless

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