Church Planting vs. Church Revitalization

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Church planting is awesome. We need to plant more churches.

But why plant a church where one already exists? Can we not join together with a church that already exists and accomplish the mission? Yes, it can be hard, but the narrow gate and the narrow road are hard!

“I don’t like the music” and “they’re not doing it right” aren’t acceptable answers. In a lot of places, the demographics of the community have mostly changed, but the demographics in the church have not.

Reach out to the community. Embrace them. Share Christ with them. Make disciples.

My Church

My church started out as the only church in the area. Farmers and their families would come for miles to learn about God, fellowship with others, and share the gospel. Times changed and church became less important. Families moved out. Others moved in. Now there’s a mall down the street, a mega church within a stone’s throw, and several other large churches all around us. The apartments down the street are mostly unreached. Many subdivisions could use a good church presence.

A lot of the people around us aren’t being targeted by the churches near us. Apartment dwellers are often overlooked by churches.

We have a niche that we could easily fill. We can be the small community church in the middle of a big city. We have what we need to do it, we just need the drive and imitative to do it.

Our Strengths:

  1. We have a genuine affection and love for one another.
  2. Communication is simple.
  3. We have a hunger for the Word of God.
  4. We have a desire to save the lost.
  5. We’re not opposed to change… we just need to understand it… and to buy in.

Our Weaknesses:

  1. We have a hard time reaching and retaining the younger generations (20-somethings like me or 30-somethings with kids).
  2. We have a hard time meeting the budget (old building = horrible energy problems).
  3. We’re stagnant and need revival.


I LOVE Church Planting. Please plant new churches.

But could some of you church planters PLEASE help us with our established churches in decline? We’re on the same team. Can we fight back to back?

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