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[]1I created this spreadsheet to help me plan my shopping trips. Armed with this price comparing spreadsheet (and it compares 4 stores, not just two, like you see above), I find the cheapest I can get an item per unit of measure and write the name of the store down next to the item on my shopping list. Then I go shopping and save money knowing I’ve done well for myself.

Now the thing here is — you have to keep it updated. So every time you go shopping, add the prices of the things you bought that were not on the list. Then, it will get better all the time. You can also put in sale prices, but make sure you mark it if it is a sale price, or you’ll use it next time thinking the sale price is still valid and be upset at the cash register.

I’ve shared it here in both format (the preferred format) and MS Office format. If you haven’t tried OpenOffice, you should go to, download, and install it. It is wonderful.

Price Comarisons.ods – format.

Price Comarisons.xls – MS Office format.

NO LIFEGUARD PRESENT! SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! – Now if you use this, you do so at your own risk. This comes with NO warranty either expressed or implied, not even MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Neither do I claim that the data in it is accurate. By downloading it, you promise never to sue me or do anything mean to me.

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