The Good Thing About Goals

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I’m sure there are people who would look at the numbers and say I’m a failure. I created some 14 goals at the beginning of 2009 and planned to complete them by the end of the year, but only finished 4 out of 14. That’s a whopping 28.5%, they might say. If you got that grade in school, you would fail. True.

But it I had not created any goals for 2009, I would not have completed any of them, so I am much better off for having had goals than not. Then, if you factor in the goals that I worked on and didn’t yet complete, I’d say I’m doing pretty well. If you go a little further and add a bunch of projects to the list that I didn’t plan on at the beginning of the year, I’d say I’ve been wildly successful for the year.

No, 2009 wasn’t perfect, but with my experience win 2009 to draw from, I am going to create even more lofty goals for 2010, per chance I might actually attain a few of them.

And with that, here are my goals for 2010. No, these aren’t all I plan on doing in 2010, but they’re above-and-beyond time goals. If I didn’t have any of these set out, I’d still do the bare minimum of work, play, my other work, and hanging out with Rachel. The Red ones are the redo’s from last year.

2010 Goals

  • Run at least one 5k
  • Complete P90X before summer
  • Raise the Emergency Fund 5x
  • Hydroponic Garden
    • Aeroponic garden
  • 3 woodworking projects
    • Swahili Bed
  • Re-Learn Greek
    • Go through the new book
    • Re-Do the first semester
    • Do the second semester
  • Re-Learn Spanish
  • Begin a novel
  • Write three chapters for “Art of War in the Bible” (A book I’m writing)
  • Write three chapters for “Big Picture of the Bible” (A book I’m writing)
  • Go to > 50% of the Support Group Meetings, unless school or something big like that is on the same night.
  • Buy a baby (or whatever).
  • Start a Roth IRA
    • Get just $500 to start
    • Change the 10% in the 401(k) to 4% and move the extra 6% to the Roth IRA
  • Get accounts at the Credit Union & leave Chase behind

So, there are some pretty lofty goals and some that are not. They’re all attainable, though not necessarily all together. I think it would be amazing if I could actually finish half of them.

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