Matt's Super Awesome Hot Salsa Recipe

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I love food and I fancy myself a chef, though I rarely cook for anyone else for fear they hate it. My greatest success is that my wife loves my cooking and thinks my alfredo sauce is better than Olive Garden’s.

Below is a link to my Hot Salsa Recipe. The key to the flavor is boiling the jalapenos with the cloves. It completely changes the flavor of the jalapenos. This idea came from the wife of a Sun FE that used to fix Sun servers in our data center. He brought his wife’s salsa sometimes and we traded salsas. He told me the secret to her salsa and I incorporated it into mine. This recipe is about a year in the making. It was birthed out of a desire to save money and eat better. I tend to go through a lot of salsa, so making my own would save a ton of money. I haven’t bought salsa since 2006. To make a salsa like hers, you simply drain the whole tomatoes, put them in the blender, add about a half cup or quarter cup (to taste, really) of chopped onions, chop some cilantro, and boil the jalapenos and cloves until the jalapenos are wrinkly. Drain the water and add the jalapenos & cloves to the blender with everything else & blend. This is best when there are no chunks left.

I’m really looking forward to having my own garden this summer, for the fresh veggies.

You will want to experiment with the salsa. I don’t really do it this way anymore. I have changed it a bit, but one thing I will say about my current recipe is that I use fresh habaneros from my habanero plant.

Click here for “Matt’s Super Awesome Hot Salsa Recipe.

I hope you like it.

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