2009 Goals

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We only have a finite amount of time on the planet. How will you spend yours? This is my list of goals for 2009. All of them are easily possible, I think. In fact, I should have at least one of them complete by the end of this week (1/3/2009).

  • Write a novel in a month www.nanowrimo.org
  • Run a 5K
  • Complete P90X before Summer
  • Create daily workout habit
  • Re-Create Daily Quiet Time Habit
  • Save $5000
  • Build Workbench in garage
  • Build 3 other woodworking projects
  • Begin architecting house in the country
  • Look for land out in east texas
  • Conceptualize 1 robot, with complete plans, ready to build prototypes by 123
  • 2010 goal: Prototype 1 robot, Conceputalize another

  • Finish LPIC1

  • Buy mac with lots of memory

  • Learn a spoken language (not fluently, but tourist-conversational)

  • Start Seminary in the fall!!!

  • Read through the Bible in Chronological order

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