Lightning Fast Disciple Now Planning Guide, iteration uno

This only covers steps 1-5 of who knows how many steps. I can’t even say that these are good steps yet, just the ones I’m working on. So, this is by no means complete or trustworthy. It might or might not be helpful (i.e. No Lifeguard on Duty, Swim at your OWN risk!).

Lightning Fast Disciple Now Planning Guide, iteration uno (version 0.0.01)

Step 1: Pray

  • You can’t do this without the Holy Spirit
  • It is all about God anyway, so why not involve him from the get-go?

Step 2: Gather your ministry team and get to crackin’

  • You only have a month or so to plan this thing!
  • Now is not the time for lots of deliberation and debate. We need to make decisions (good ones) and fast!
  • You will need (not all of it now, this is just a comprehensive list).
    • Pastor’s help
    • Wife’s help
    • Youth Leaders
    • Host Homes
  • Track Your Expenses.
    • google spreadsheet is nice and you can use it in conjunction (collaboration) with others

Step 3: Find a curriculum

  • This is (in my mind) the most important part of the planning process.The whole point of the weekend is discipleship.
  • Your curriculum needs to fit in with your overall ministry plan for your group. We don’t want to use an axe, when what we really need is a laser scalpel.
  • You don’t have a lot of time, so coming up with your own curriculum is going to be tough, I’d say make a purchase and be done with it.
  • Be Biblical. (Sola Scriptura, Baby!)
  • Get the curriculum to your leaders ASAP!
  • Pay for it if you are in the position to do so and KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!!!

Step 4: Begin to spread the word

  • Mention to youth at next possible time
  • Add to youth calendar
    • on bulletin board / whiteboard
    • web site
    • email list
    • text message list
    • church calendar (the big one)
  • Create sign up sheet
    • Paper on the bulletin board
    • web form on the web site
  • Begin to ask for volunteers
    • host homes
    • bible study leaders (will stay in the homes)
    • game coordinators (if necessary)
    • food people (my favorite people!)
    • drivers
    • anything else?

Step 5: Create a weekend Schedule

  • Friday night Celebration
    • kickoff fun stuff
    • kickoff sermon (who is preaching? you? someone else?)
    • Session 1 @ host home
    • bed time
  • Saturday
    • Breakfast @ host home
    • Session 2 @ host home
    • Service Project on site somewhere
    • Lunch @ Church
    • Game Time / scavenger hunt / sumo wrestling / etc / the big game thing
    • Saturday Night Celebration
    • Dinner (may also be before Celebration service if you want… but they may sleep through your sermon!)
    • Session 3 @ home
    • reinforcing game thing – or something kinesthetic to help them learn by doing
    • bed time
  • Sunday
    • Breakfast @ church (donuts & juice)
    • Session 4 @ Sunday School
    • Big Church – Pastor Speaks, but on the D-Now theme, as a commissioning service

Step 5: Look at your schedule and flesh out each bullet point

  • Assign task owners per bullet point
    • Who is the owner
    • What is the responsibility
    • When is the timeframe?
  • Budget:
    • Put money values next to items in the schedule & tally the cost. Divide by the number of kids you have coming. If over $30, try to reduce the cost.
    • You will need to over estimate your funds.
    • You will need to pay your leaders if they are not from your church (love gift)
    • Use some sort of tracking, like a spreadsheet
      • you can share a google docs spreadsheet with others and collaborate on it.
    • you will need to keep all your receipts!!!!

Support Materials:

  • Permission Slip

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