infanticide vs fetucide vs homicide

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I’m a little annoyed by all the different words used in debates (or arguments) these days. I understand the need to be accurate (I am a Scientist), but sometimes we loose the impact of the truth. I feel desensitized to the cold blooded murder of unborn human beings when I hear words like “infanticide” or “fetucide.” Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like it. I don’t want to be politically correct, I want to be truthfully and scientifically and spiritually correct. It is First Degree murder of a human being and it enrages me. Why on earth do we punish the unborn, just because the parents were irresponsible or immoral?

I can’t vote for Barak Houssein Obama, the junior senator from Illinois. He isn’t just pro-choice. He’s pro-killing-babies.

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