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I’ve been using Hugo as a CMS for several years, but I never set up my phone so I can blog when I get the urge. That is if you believe not updating my site for 5 years is actually”using” Hugo in any meaningful sense of the word.

But today, I set up git on my phone and added a markdown editor so I can do just that.

I chose Hugo because it creates static websites, lessening the need for server-side languages, libraries, and daemons, which in turn decreases the number of available vulnerabilities to exploit.

It is also fast! Page load times are faster and server CPU and disk usage are decreased.In the cloud world, this can also reduce costs.

So now it’s back to blogging again with Hugo!

The So-Called eBook Sales Slump

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Opinion: The current eBook sales slump is self inflicted. The publishing industry is intentionally deflating eBook sales. Maybe they’re trying to fight against Amazon somehow. At any rate, one way in which they’re doing this is raising the price of the ebook higher than the paperback. For example, books that I wish to purchase for various reasons, including family read-alouds and science fiction for my own personal entertainment. This is a smattering of books in no particular order. They’re just books I was looking to purchase soon. This is in no way a scientific or statistical exploration.

Ready Player One, published by Broadway Books. It is a dystopian novel that comes highly recommended from a good friend of mine and his wife, who happens to be a librarian.

2015-11-12 07_50_10-Amazon.com_ Ready Player One eBook_ Ernest Cline_ Kindle Store

The Martian, published by Broadway Books, actually goes against this trend. It’s a penny cheaper than the paperback. Honestly, I’m okay with it being the same price. If I hadn’t already read it, I might buy it.

2015-11-12 08_06_32-Amazon.com_ The Martian_ A Novel eBook_ Andy Weir_ Kindle Store

Charlotte’s Web, published by HarperCollins. It’s a classic.

2015-11-12 07_54_54-Charlotte's Web_ E. B. White, Kate DiCamillo, Garth Williams_ 9780739477076_ Ama

The Indian in the Cupboard, published by Yearling (Random House). Another classic.

2015-11-12 08_00_00-The Indian in the Cupboard_ Lynne Reid Banks_ 9780375847530_ Amazon.com_ Books

James and the Giant Peach, published by Puffin Books. All the Roald Dahl books I looked at were like this.

2015-11-12 08_02_23-James and the Giant Peach_ Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake_ 9780142410363_ Amazon.com_

Seveneves, published by William Morrow (Harper Collins). This one is in the list of the 2015 reader’s choice awards on Goodreads. But I won’t be voting for it because it’s to expensive for me. I’ll wait until the price comes down, it is available on my library’s ebook collection, or I can borrow it from somebody. There are many more books I could read from great Authors like Hugh Howey or John Scalzi for cheaper. There’s choice in the marketplace.

2015-11-12 08_12_19-Seveneves_ A Novel_ Neal Stephenson_ 9780062190376_ Amazon.com_ Books

The eBook format is much better than paper in my opinion. I prefer reading on my tablet and my phone than carrying paper everywhere. I’ve got three paperbacks in my backpack right now for a class I’m taking. And its a lot harder to finish the reading in the paperbacks because I can’t read in the hallways between meetings or whenever I have a free moment.


Note: These are not affiliate links. I am making no money from this post, whatsoever. All opinions expressed herein are my own. And they are opinions.

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Book Review: “The Martian” by Andy Weir

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The MartianThe Martian by Andy Weir

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Martian is an incredible book. It is what I call, “hard scifi,” where the author tries to make the book as plausible as possible, based on our current understanding of Science. So instead of fictional science like Star Trek and many others, this is today’s science extrapolated into a fictional scenario in the future. For that, I applaud you, Andy Weir.

I read it in one day, staying up until 1 A.M., which is rare for me. Between a full time job, preschoolers, and taking graduate classes, I don’t have that much time to read novels. Dr. Seuss: yes. Novels: not so much.

The one thing I have against the book is that it had way too much foul language. That being said, it was part of who the character was and how he coped with the situations he was in. As far as characterization goes, he is a great one. He is odd enough for people to relate to him and he is very human in a lot of ways (his love/hate relationship with 70s tv for example) so that we can easily identify with him and feel what he feels.

I really appreciate his attention to detail and to getting the science right. There were some good laughs in there to keep you from getting depressed. You really start to root for him to make it.

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Embroidermodder 2 on Kickstarter

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embroidermodder-kickstarter-launch-1280x720It’s been a long time coming, but the Embroidermodder 2 kickstarter is now live! Head on over to kickstarter and back this awesome project.

If you don’t know much about embroidery software or were thinking about buying some digitizing software for your embroiderer, my wife and I were thinking about buying PE Design Next, which retails for somewhere around $1,000. It’s hard to get an exact number. I’ve tried.

But this is open source — that is FREE — and cross platform — that is Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino. I’m hoping to help out with the Mac OS and Linux ports once we get moved to our new house and settled in.

It does lots of cool things already, including supporting TONS of embroidery formats, and with your help on Kickstarter, it will do much, much more!!!

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Hello RHEL 7. Nice to meet you.

I completed my first RHEL 7 kickstart just a few minutes ago. I did have to tweak my old RHEL 6 kickstart file to get it to install. Some of the packages aren’t there and it looks like they removed or renamed some of the package groups as well. I’d like to see some of the RHEL 7 documentation to confirm my suspicions, but I don’t know (and don’t care enough to look for) if the documentation exists yet.

Also, the new anaconda is much better than the old one, IMHO.

First successful RHEL 7 kickstart

First successful RHEL 7 kickstart

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